Partnership with I-Athlete

17 June 2016 – JUDO PEI and MJL Enterprises Inc., the developers of I-ATHLETE , are pleased to announce a new mobile platform for youth fitness and nutrition advice that will be made available to all young members of JUDO PEI. Adult members of the organisation can also access and benefit from the program. Athletes across the province aspiring to reach the provincial team level will exclusively use I-ATHLETE for their fitness needs.

I-ATHLETE2 is accessible from any smart-phone or mobile device and allows athletes the flexibility to conduct their workout where and when they want. Users can access I-ATHLETE to enhance their fitness levels and make healthier food choices. The integral fitness tracking system will let you know where you stand and what the average results are for your age and gender for each workout activity. Stefanie Tremblay of the Canadian Women’s National Team, as an ambassador for IATHLETE , endorses its use as a way to enhance youth fitness and health.

With an easy to use navigation system, extensive training programs, detailed exercise videos, daily workout regimen, detailed reporting on fitness progress and supplemental nutritional information, the program offers a complete package for today’s youth and adults.

JUDO PEI strives to be a leader in encouraging physical activity and healthy living. A key component of JUDO PEI’s long-term vision is promoting the idea that youth should be “active for life“. It is with a focus toward bettering access to fitness, health and education for both our young athletes and our adult members that JUDO PEI is proud to announce this new partnership with I-ATHLETE .

We feel there is no better fitness platform for youth in the marketplace today. With a small investment of time, both our young athletes and adult members will have yearround access to a healthy lifestyle.


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