Scoring Points

Starting July 1st  2016 points are going to be calculated using the following method.


Points are based on a formula where it takes into account level of event, placement and number of wins

The premise is that the ultimate for a competitor would be to get a gold at nationals so points work out based on that.

Formula is  placement points X # of wins (to max 4) + Level Points


Placement Points

1st 12
2nd 9
3rd 6
5th 3
7th 2
9th + 1
Tournament Level Points

National / International 52
Level A 32
Regional 22
Provincial 12
Club 2


So winning 4 fights or more at Nationals and winning gold would get you 100 points

Winning 4 Fights at a Local Club Tournament and winning gold would get you 50 points

Coming 9th at Nationals winning no fights would give you 52 Points

Coming 9th at a Local Club Tournament would give you 2 points

So to get placement points you need to win at least one fight

Winning Silver at a regional tournament where you are 1 of 2 competitors and you win no fights would get you 22 points

But Winning Silver at same tournament with 3 competitors having one one fight gets you 31 points or if you won bronze in a pool of 5 and you won one fight you would get 28 points


Each Day of a Regional Camp is worth 25 points

A Camp at the National Training Centre is worth 50 points a day

A Max of 100 points per camp can be allotted to each athlete

Over the year an athlete can accumulate a maximum of 150 points from camps